Order:   Cycadales
Family:   Zamiaceae
Genus:    Encephalartos
Species: bubalinus

Florida s

Edible Parts
This rare cycad grows in warmer parts of Florida. I snapped these photos at the Palm Arboretum in St. Pete. There are approximately 10,000 mature individuals in its native Tanzania, where the biggest threat to its survival is the fact that the seeds are eaten during times of famine. This is a good reason for collectors to grow it here in Florida, so that one day we may send seeds back to its native habitat in case of further population declines there.

EDIBLE SEEDS: "The seeds of this species are eaten during times of famine." - IUCN Red List. 

NATIVE TO: Tanzania. One site also lists as being from Kenya as well. 

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Last Updated: October 28, 2017

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