Also Known As
Costilla de León
Palma de Camote
Palma Imperial
Piña del Monte
Ceratozamia mexicana var. robusta 

Order:   Cycadales
Family:   Zamiaceae
Genus:    Ceratozamia
Species: robusta

Florida s
One of the Spanish names for this plant in Mexico is Costilla de Lion, which translates to Rib of the Lion. It has such a beautiful fruiting body. It is the largest species within the genus and is native to Belize, Guatelama, and parts of Mexico. It is currently a protected, endangered species. Populations have "declined at least 50% within the last 20 years." You will occasionally encounter this rarity at some south Florida botanical gardens. I snapped these photos at the Palm Arboretum in St. Pete. 

MAIN PHOTO: June 6, 2017, St. Pete, Florida.
NATIVE TO: Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico.
CONSERVATION: IUCN writes, "Endangered. 10-12 locations. Population of mature individuals: 2500 to 6000. Although widespread, there has been a general decline in all populations that have been monitored over the past 20 years. The decline is estimated to be at least 50% over the past 20 years (<1 generation). It is likely that the taxon will be further segregated in future and some of the resulting taxa may qualify for Critically Endangered status." 

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Last Updated: October 28, 2017

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