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ANDY'S NOTE:  I am so glad to know Rob, seriously, the guy is a gem. He formulates creative ways for everyday people to dissect their consumption habits, be it the trash that they produce, the money that they spend, or the means by which they procure food. Being a wildcrafter myself, I respect his most recent quest which is by no means a lightweight task, a one-year public experiment living on a diet of wildcrafted and his own home-grown food. That's it, nothing else, not even food offered from friend's organic gardens nearby. Normally I steer clear of "purists" in general as I have often found them to be a bit wacky but Rob's approach and goals are admirable and pure-hearted. His deep level of true kindness coupled with his simple yet articulate message in this modern age is refreshing and he is quite an uplifting person to be around. This is not to say that he or I believe that the world is necessarily headed dreamily towards regenerative practices full speed ahead. On the contrary, he points out horrors within our greedy society that should be faced head-on. Fortunately for all of us, he offers himself as an example of how to live not only in a  simpler fashion, but a healthier one for one's self and the world as a whole. Thanks Rob, I am so happy to call you my friend! Watch a few of his YouTube videos and you might understand just why his views number in the millions.
WHAT ROB IS ABOUT: "Rob Greenfield is an adventurer and environmental activist who is deeply passionate about our food. Specifically where our food comes from, the impact it has on our planet and how we can eat and live in a way that is in balance with our planet. 
His endeavors have included cycling across the USA on a bamboo bike eating only local, organic, unpackaged food or food that was going to waste. That immersion gave him a deep understanding of how broken our globalized, industrialized food system is. Years later that led him to a yearlong project of growing and foraging 100% his food. He went from knowing just a few edible wild plants to hundreds in this yearlong immersion. He does not consider himself an expert forager by any means, but has spent hundreds of hours immersed with the plants in Florida and Wisconsin. He is emerging as a knowledgeable forager. While in Florida he teaches free gardening classes along with other workshops on sustainable living." 

Video with Rob Greenfield