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SW Florida

ANDY'S NOTE: To honor one of the sweetest friends of mine who passed, we planted some trees today, November 15, 2017. Thanks to Bobaba Beebe we ended up planting 16 new trees and shrubs here at Bamboo Grove. Debbie Fish Wasden,  your son's pure love continues through me as well as others. He is alive in us. He inspires me. I cried and cried at the news, so I can't imagine what you are going through. He ALWAYS spoke so highly of you. My heart really aches for you. I am sending you a big long hug, and know that I have lost in similar ways in the past. As he loved trees so much, and gave away so many plants so freely to many of my friends, these are what we planted today to honor him, and you, his sweet mother. LOVE TO YOU DEBBIE. Here I go, crying again... Florida natives that included Cinnamon Bark, Live Oak, Firebush, Myrtle of the River, Weeping Yaupon Holly, and Florida Soapberry. Exotics that included Moringa, White Turk's Cap Hibiscus, Khat, Goji Berry, Gum Arabic, a very rare Thai Jujube variety (11-14-2018 update: It turned out to be the very rare MAKORA, aka Jackal Jujube, Ziziphus oenoplia), Satsuma Mandarin, Manila Tamarind, Chapote Texas Persimmon, and Nepalese Yellow Jasmine. These trees and shrubs are the rarest and most beautiful trees that I could gather together for today's planting. They will yield fruits, edible flowers and leaves, along with homes for countless birds and other animals. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful son. FRIENDS: Here is a photo of Fish. See the beautiful sparkle in his eyes in this photo, it appears over time in deeply compassionate people like him.