Regional Permaculture Gathering

Start: Fri. November 22, 2019 ( 8:00am)
End: Sun. November 24, 2019 ( 5:00pm)

Sebastian, FL


DESCRIPTION: "We are excited to announce our very first annual Regional Permaculture Gathering!
This year’s RPG will be hosted by Sustainable Kashi at Kashi Ashram, November 22nd – 24th with the aim to provide a space for people to network within their surrounding community and deepen their knowledge of permaculture. We are gathering select local teachers and practitioners from Central Florida to share their knowledge. 
This Year’s Theme: Localize It!
We are focusing on the local movements and systems in the Central Florida area. How can we have a deeper connection to our local environments and communities?
The gathering is structured in a way that will include
  • 10 presentations by local permaculturists. 
  • Opportunity to partake in daily morning yoga classes.
  • Chatting with fellow classmates at Rudra’s Kitchen; eating the most delicious and healthy vegetarian food imaginable.
  • Walking Kashi’s beautiful and lush 80 acres.
  • Camping in Sustainable Kashi’s off-grid ecovillage,
  • Sitting beneath the stars at the evening’s campfire circle or outside your tent listening to the night owls.
Presenters include Terry Meer, Rebeca Siplak, Susan Keiffer, Jon Martin, Jeff Trapini, and Andy Firk." 
"Immerse yourself in nature, connect to your community, and dive into all of the aspects of local permaculture!
Sustainabel Kashi is an 80-acre community on the Saint Sebastian River with permaculture demonstration sites including perennial food forests, 7 intensive gardens, and an off-grid eco-village with the goal of becoming more socially, culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable. This abundant land has all the systems in place to demonstrate hands-on training of Permaculture in action." 
"Early Bird: $108 – Ends October 1st
Kids age 12-17 Early Bird: $54 – Ends October 1st
Full Price: $140
Kids age 12-17 Full Price: $70
Gate Price: $150
Kids 11 and under free with parent. 
Ticket prices include two nights of camping, six meals, and incredible presentations." 
LOCATION: Sustainable Kashi, 11155 Roseland Rd, Sebastian, FL 32958.
PHONE: 772-589-1403.
HOSTED BY: Sustainable Kashi and Kashi Ashram.
11155 Roseland Rd, Sebastian, FL 32958
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