Asian Market Tour with Andy

Sat. January 19, 2019 ( 9:00am - 11:30am)

Pinellas Park, FL

TIME: 9AM – 11:30AM
MEET: At the little red ticket booth, located at the east end of the parking lot / west end of the market where the parking lot meets the plant vendor booths.
COST: 10 DOLLARS DONATION. Pay Andy when we meet as a group. .
INFO / PHONE: Andy's mobile phone anytime, 863-263-2331.
DETAILS: This is my favorite Asian market in Florida, located just west of St. Pete. It’s a good place to buy in-season backyard fruits, garden-fresh bundles of herbs, potted edible and medicinal plants, and more. In the winter you may find many fresh greens, ginger, turmeric, galangal, eggfruits, black sapote, and much more. In the summer you may find mangoes, jackfruit, sugar apples, and more. These ethnic vendors come from Southeast Asian tropical countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. This is a serious place to find fresh Asian veggies and herbs including Ngo Om [Rice Paddy Herb, which smells like lemon juice and cumin], Kha [Galangal], La Lot [Barbeque Leaf], Tia To [Vietnamese Perilla], Kinh Gioi [Vietnamese Balm, which smells like Lemon Balm], and many more. We will casually stroll the market while I describe our unusual finds along the way. I delight in chatting with the vendors to learn new recipes and native uses of their edible and medicinal plants. Rare Asian medicinal plants that we might find here may include such goodies as Blue-Fleshed Zedoary, Temu Hitam, Plai Ginger, and Yanang [the vegan green jelly plant]. Potted plants are always for sale for those, like myself, who love to grow things in our own gardens. During the summer and fall, one can find up to seven types of fresh bamboo shoots there as well. The prices are generally very low at this market, with many fresh vegetable bundles going for just one dollar each. This market, the Mustang Flea Market, is just west of the Wagon Wheel Flea Market, so be sure to go to the market to the west.

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