Plant List - Hostel In The Forest - Brunswick, GA
August 10, 2017
By: Mycol Stevens


Hostel  Botanical,  2010
Compiled by MycolStevens [Fall 2010] and Marc Williams [Spring 2010].
Note: Uses should be taken with a grain of salt! 
Various sources utilized including Florida Ethnobotany, Peterson guide, Encyclopedia Edible plants of N.A. Plant nomenclature as per Wunderlin and Hansen 2nd edition Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida…[the hostel is] only 30 miles north of the border! 

FAMILY / Latin Species name / Common Name / Native / Reproductive / Status / Habitat / Season / Uses 

Ruellia tweediana- MEXICAN BLUEBELL - Not Native. 
Sambucus nigra- ELDERBERRY - Native wet, open hammocks, floodplain forests, swamps, and wet, disturbed sites - spring-fall - fruit, flowers raw.  
Nothoscordum bivalve – CROWPOISON, FALSE GARLIC - Native - wet hammocks and disturbed sites - spring-fall - no garlic smell - potentially poisonous. 
Liquidambar styraciflua- SWEETGUM - Native - moist to wet hammocks, bluff forests, floodplain forests - spring-summer - chewing gum of hardened sap; antiseptic; treat skin diseases (FE). 
Salicornia bigelovii- SALTWORT - Native tidal marshes - edible leaves, pickle. 
Rhus copallinum- WINGED SUMAC - Native - sandhills, flatwoods, dry hammocks - spring - sumac ade.  
Toxicodendron radicans- EASTERN POISON IVY - Native - hammocks, floodplain forests, swamps, disturbed sites - spring-summer – toxic. 
Ilex cassine- DAHOON - Native - flatwoods, wet hammocks, swamps, pond margins - all year - tea; soap. 
Ilex glabra– INKBERRY, GALLBERRY - Native - flatwoods, bogs, coastal swales - winter-spring – nectary. 
Ilex opaca- AMERICAN HOLLY - Native - mesic hammocks, springs. 
Ilex vomitoria- YAUPON - Native - hammocks, swamps, flatwoods, dunes - spring - tea leaves (only caffeine in North American).  
Centella asiatica- COINWART - Native - marshes, wet hammocks, floodplain forests, wet disturbed sites - summer – leaves: brain food! 
Hedera helix - ENGLISH IVY - Not Native. 
Hydrocotyle umbellata- MANYFLOWER MARSHPENNYWORT - Native - marshes, pond margins - spring-summer - rheumatism and liver and intestinal problems and asthma (FE). 
Sabal palmetto - CABBAGE PALM - Native - savannas, hammocks, swamps - spring-summer - palm hearts, fruit. 
Serenoa repens- SAW PALMETTO - Native - wet to dry flatwoods and hammocks - spring-summer - fruit, flowers, hearts. 
Achillea millefolium- YARROW - Not Native - summer – vulnerary, poultice (stop bleeding); tea of dried flowering plant: internal bleeding, colds, indigestion. 
Ambrosia artemisiifolia- COMMON RAGWEED - Native disturbed sites - summer-fall - pollen responsible for 90% allergins - Tea for fevers and for allergies. 
Baccharis halimifolia- GROUNDSEL TREE; SEA MYRTLE - Native - marshes and disturbed sites = fall - root decoction for cough; nectary; brooms. 
Berlandiera pumila- SOFT GREENEYES - Native - sandhills - spring-summer. 
Bidens alba - BEGGARTICKS - Native - spring-summer - pot herb.  
Borichia frutescens- SEA OXEYE - Native - marshes – summer.  
Carphephorus corymbosus- COASTALPLAIN CHAFFHEAD, FLORIDA PAINTBRUSH - Native - sandhills - summer-fall. 
Chaptalia tomentosa- WOOLLY SUNBONNETS, PINELAND DAISY - Native - wet flatwoods, bogs – spring. 
Cirsium sp. 1 - THISTLE - shoots edible. 
Elephantopus elatus- TALL ELEPHANTSFOOT - Native - sandhills, flatwoods - summer-fall - no known use. 
Eupatorium capillifolium- DOG FENNEL - Native - flatwoods, marshes, wet disturbed sites - summer-fall - bug smudge. 
Euthamia caroliniana- FLAT-TOPPED GOLGENROD / tobe - Native - sandhills, flatwoods, disturbed sites - summer-fall - root infusion: allieviatechest problems; blossoms as febrifuge. 
Lactuca canadensis- CANADA LETTUCE - Native - open floodplain forests, pond margins, and disturbed sites - summer-fall - edible leaves, latex opiate and for skin irritations. 
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium- SWEET EVERLASTING, RABBIT TOBACCO - Native - flatwoods, sandhills, pond margins - summer-fall - tobacco substitute; fresh juice aphrodisiac; tea/chewed leaves for colds, flu, sore throat, etc. 
Solidago canadensis var. scabra- CANADA GOLDENROD - Native - hammocks, disturbed sites - fall - diuretic; treatment for lower urinary tract disorders.  
Symphyotrichum dumosum- RICE BUTTON ASTER - Native - sandhills, flatwoods, and hammocks - summer-fall. 
Nandina domestica- SACRED BAMBOO - Not Native. 
Campsis radicans- TRUMPET VINE - Native - floodplain forests, disturbed sites - spring-summer. 
Woodwardia areolata- NETTED CHAIN FERN - Native swamps, wet hammocks - summer-fall. 
Woodwardia virginica- VIRGINIA CHAIN FERN - Native swamps, wet hammocks - summer-fall. 
Cakile lanceolata- SEAROCKET - Native - coastal – edible. 
Tillandsia usneoides- SPANISH MOSS - Native - hammocks, pinelands, scrub, epiphytic - spring-fall - fibers for stuffing and cordage.  
Calycanthus floridus- CAROLINA ALLSPICE - Native hammocks, stream banks - emetic and diuretic; potentially toxic. 
Canna flaccida- BANDANA OF THE EVERGLADES - Native - swamps - rhizomes for starch (consumption by humans and livestock), stems and foliage for animal fodder, young shoots as a vegetable and young seeds as an addition to tortillas. Black seeds for bullets in shotgun. 
Lonicera japonica - JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE - Not Native - flower tea. 
Stelleria media - COMMON CHICKWEED - Not Native – leaves. 
Hypericum brachyphyllum- COASTALPLAIN ST.JOHN’S-WORT - Native - wet to dry flatwoods, bogs, pond margins - summer-fall - no FL Hypericums have hypericin (Wunderlin). 
Hypericum crux-andreae- ST.PETER’S-WORT - Native - flatwoods, bogs, pond margins - summer-fall - no FL Hypericums have hypericin (Wunderlin). 
Hypericum tetrapetalum- FOURPETAL ST.JOHN’S-WORT - Native - flatwoods - spring-summer - no FL Hypericums have hypericin (Wunderlin). 
Nyssa sylvatica - BLACKGUM – Native - mesic hammocks - spring - tupelo honey, drums, sap syrup; wood doesn’t split, bowls, mortar, shoes. [FE] 
Juniperus virginiana- RED CEDAR - Native - love flutes!; moth scent; bark cordage mats. 
Taxodium distichum- BALD-CYPRESS - Native - lakes, swamps, floodplains, along streams – spring. 
Carex glaucescens- CLUSTERED SEDGE - Native - bogs, streamsides, seepage areas - summer-fall.  
Cladium jamaicense- JAMAICA SWAMP SAWGRASS - Native - swamps and brackish marshes - summer-fall - inner shoots. 
Cyperus papyrus - Not Native – paper. 
Rhynchospora colorata- STARRUSH WHITETOP - Native - moist flatwoods and prairies, bogs, ditches - spring-fall. 
Rhynchospora fascicularis- FASCICLED BEAKSEDGE - Native - moist to wet flatwoods, savannas, lake margins - spring-fall. 
Drosera capillaris- PINK SUNDEW - Native - wet flatwoods, bogs - spring - tea for lungs (possible doc. of sigs.). poultice for warts, immuno-stimulating in small doses, antiviral/bacterial/fungal. 
Diospyros virginiana- COMMON PERSIMMON - Native - flatwoods, sandhills, hammocks - spring - fruit, tea leaves. 
Gaylussacia dumosa- DWARF HUCKLEBERRY - Native - acid swamps, sandhills, flatwoods, scrub - spring - fruit yum. 
Lyonia fruticosa- COASTALPLAIN STAGGERBUSH - Native - scrub, flatwoods - spring - wood for pipes, bowls. 
Lyonia lucida- FETTERBUSH - Native - flatwoods, bogs, cypress ponds – spring. 
Rhododendron canescens- SWEET PINXTER AZALEA - Native - flatwoods, bay swamps, hammocks, and floodplain forests – spring. 
Vaccinium corymbosum- HIGHBUSH BLUEBERRY - Native - hammocks, flatwoods, swamps, bayheads- spring – fruit, yum. 
Vaccinium myrsinites- SHINY BLUEBERRY - Native - flatwoods, sandhills– spring – fruit, yum. 
Phyllanthus urinaria- CHAMBER BITTER - Not Native - disturbed sites - summer-fall - kidney stone tea. 
Cercis canadensis- REDBUD - Native - flowers, unripe pods. 
Galactia elliottii- ELLIOTT’S MILKPEA - Native - sandhills, scrub, flatwoods - spring-fall - nitrogen fixer. 
Lespedeza sp. 1 – LESPEDEZA. 
Medicago lupulina- BLACK MEDICK - Not Native - leaves, flowers. 
Senna obtusifolia- Not Native -roasted seed coffee substitute. 
Trifolium pratense- RED CLOVER - Not Native -flower tea: blood purifier, biochain-A inhibits cancer. 
Vicia species – VETCH. 
Wisteria sinense- CHINESE WISTERIA - Not Native -“Flowers – cooked. They are thoroughly washed and then boiled or made into fritters. The flowers are also cured in sugar then mixed with flour and made into a famous local delicacy called ””Teng Lo””. The leaves contain allantoic acid. They are used as a tea substitute. The young leaves have also been eaten.” 
Quercus laurifolia- LAUREL OAK, DIAMOND OAK – Native - floodplain forests, wet to dry hammocks - spring - nuts processed. 
Quercus nigra- WATER OAK - Native - moist hammocks - spring - nuts processed. 
Quercus virginiana- LIVE OAK - Native - moist to wet hammocks, maritime hammocks - spring - nuts processed. 
Gelsemium sempervirens- YELLOW JESSAMINE, CAROLINA JESSAMINE - Native - flatwoods, hammocks - winter-spring – poisonous. 
Geranium carolinianum- CAROLINA CRANESBILL - Native - disturbed sites - spring - young leaves edible (Maronowski); highly astringent (stops bleeding, diarrhea and dysentry). 
Pteridium aquilinum- TAILED BRACKEN - Native - dry to moist hammocks and thickets - summer-fall – fiddleheads. 
Juncus effusus- SOFT RUSH - Native - marshes, margins of ponds - spring - thatching material sewn together and mobile tents; weavings. 
Juncus marginatus- SHORE RUSH, GRASSLEAF RUSH - Native wet prairies, flatwoods, bogs, marshes spring-summer thatching material sewn together and mobile tents; weavings 
Juncus sp. - NEEDLERUSH - thatching material sewn together and mobile tents; weavings. 
Hyptisalata- CLUSTERED BUSHMINT, MUSKY MINT - Native - wet flatwoods, prairies, pond margins - all year. 
Pycnanthemum sp. 1 - MOUNTAIN MINT - Native - stomacheproblems/gas, colds, flu. 
Salvia lyrata- LYRELEAF SAGE - Native - hammocks - spring-fall - salve for skin problems. 
Scutellaria integrifolia- HELMET SKULLCAP - Native - flavinoidScutellarin confirmed sedative and antispasmodic, nervine. 
Stachys floridana- FLORIDA BETONY - Native - tubers around April, flowers edible. 
Cinnamomum camphora– CAMPHOR TREE - Not Native - disturbed hammocks - spring - young leaves: pot herb. 
Persea palustris- SWAMP BAY - Native - wet hammocks, swamps - spring - bay leaf flavoring. 
Pinguicula caerulea- BLUEFLOWER BUTTERWORT - native - flatwoods, bogs - winter-spring.
Utricularia sp. 1 - BLADDERWORT. 
Magnolia grandiflora - SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA - Native - wet to mesic hammocks, rarely dunes - spring-summer. 
Magnolia virginiana- SWEETBAY - Native - wet hammocks, bayheads, swamps, bogs - spring-summer - spice, leaf tea: colds, fevers, gas etc. (Duke) 
Rhexia mariana- PALE MEADOWBEAUTY, MARYLAND MEADOWBEAUTY - Native - flatwoods, bogs, marshes - spring - leaves and tubers edible, salad . 
Hibiscus mutabilis- CONFEDERATE ROSE, COTTON ROSEMALLOW - Not Native - flowers, leaves. 
Sida rhombifolia- CUBAN JUTE, INDIAN HEMP - Native - disturbed sites - spring-fall - leaves, flowers. 
Melia azedarach - CHINABERRY TREE - Not Native - disturbed sites - wood (mahogany family). 
Ficus pumila- CLIMBING FIG - Not Native. 
Morus rubra- RED MULBERRY - Native – hammocks, floodplains, forests - spring-summer – fruit. 
Myrica cerifera- SOUTHERN BAYBERRY, WAX MYRTLE - Native - hammocks, swamps, cypress domes, flatwoods, upland mixed forests, fresh to slightly brackish marshes - spring-fall – leaves: spice.  
Nephrolepsis cordifolia- TUBEROUS SWORD FERN - Not Native -tubers eaten raw. 
Ligustrum japonicum- Not Native. 
Ligustrum sinense- Not Native. 
Osmanthus americanus- WILD OLIVE, AMERICAN DEVILWOOD - Native swamps, hammocks – spring. 
Ludwigia maritima- SEASIDE PRIMROSEWILLOW - Native - flatwoods, bogs, and swamp margins - spring-fall. 
Ludwigia peruviana- PERUVIAN PRIMROSEWILLOW - Not Native - swamps, lake and pond margins - all year. 
Agalinis fasciculata- BEACH FALSE-FOXGLOVE - Native - sandhills, coastal scrub, tidal wetland margins, and flatwoods - summer-fall or all year in south peninsula - infusion for diarrhea (Meskwaki ind); diuretic tea. 
Osmunda cinnamomea- CINNAMON FERN - Native - swamps, bogs, marshes - spring – fiddleheads. 
Osmunda regalis- ROYAL FERN - Native - swamps, bogs, marshes - spring – fiddleheads. 
Oxalis debilis- PINK WOODSORREL - Not Native - leaves, flowers.  
Oxalis stricta- Native - leaves, flowers.  
Passiflora incarnata- PURPLE PASSIONFLOWER - Native - dry, open hammocks and disturbed sites - spring-summer - Ritilinsubstitute, sedative, insomnia, tension headaches. Fruit yum. 
Pinus palustris- LONGLEAF PINE - Native - sandhills, mesic flatwoods, savannas - spring - seeds, sprouts, young leaves.  
Pinus taeda- LOBLOLLY PINE - Native - uplands, well drained floodplains - spring - seeds, sprouts, young leaves. 
Pittosporum tobira - CHEESEWOOD - Not Native. 
Plantago major - COMMON PLANTAIN - Not Native - leaves, seeds. 
Andropogon virginicus– BROOMSEDGE, BLUESTEM - Native - flatwoods, sandhills, old fields, disturbed sites fall broom material. 
Chasmanthium nitidum - SHINY WOODOATS - Native swamps, floodplain forests – summer.  
Cynodon dactylon- BERMUDAGRASS - Not Native - lawns, pastures, roadsides, and other disturbed sites - spring-fall - golf course scourge. 
Dichanthelium scoparium- VELVET WITCHGRASS - Native -marshes, flatwoods, bogs, wet hammocks - spring-fall - quail food. 
Dichanthelium sp. 1 – WITCHGRASS. 
Eragrostis elliottii- ELLIOTT’S LOVEGRASS - Native - flatwoods, sandhills, prairies, dry hammocks, and disturbed sites - summer-fall - seeds edible. 
Eremochloa ophiuroides- CENTIPEDEGRASS - Not Native - crap invasive. 
Oplismenus hirtellus– WOODSGRASS, BASKETGRASS - Native - moist hammocks - all year. 
Panicum anceps - BEAKED PANICUM - Native - wet flatwoods, swamps, wet disturbed sites - summer-fall. 
Panicum hemitomon- MAIDENCANE - Native ponds, streams, sloughs, swamps, wet disturbed sites - spring-fall. 
Paspalum notatum- BAHIA GRASS - Not Native - pastures, roadsides, open disturbed sites - spring-fall - cooked millet. 
Paspalum setaceum- THIN PASPALUM - Native flatwoods, sandhills, swamps, marshes, disturbed sites - all year. 
Paspalum urvillei- VASEYGRASS - Not Native - moist, open disturbed sites - spring-fall. 
Saccharum giganteum- SUGARCANE PLUMEGRASS - Native - flatwoods, marshes, coastal swales, cypress ponds, lake shores – fall. 
Setaria parviflora- YELLOW BRISTLEGRASS, KNOTROOT FOXTAIL - Native - flatwoods, hammocks, freshwater and brackish marshes, coastal swales, disturbed sites - all year - grain edible. 
Pseudosasa japonica - ARROW BAMBOO - Not Native - young shoots edible. 
Sporobolus indicus- SMUTGRASS - Not Native - flatwoods, dry hammocks, disturbed sites - all year. 
Pleopetis polypodioides- RESURECTION FERN - Native - hammocks, epiphytic, rarely on rocks - all year. 
Polygonum punctatum- DOTTED SMARTWEED - Native - fresh, brackish marshes, swamps, wet ditches - spring-fall. 
Ranunculus sp. 1 - BUTTERCUP - Native – toxic. 
Rubus cuneifolius- SAND BLACKBERRY - Native - sandhills, flatwoods – spring - fruit, shoots. 
Rubus trivialis- SOUTHERN DEWBERRY - Native - dry, open hammocks – spring - fruit, shoots. 
Spiraea japonica - JAPANESE SPIRAEA - Not Native – aspirin. 
Cephalanthus occidentalis- COMMON BUTTONBUSH - Native - swamps, cypress ponds, margins of lakes, rivers, ponds - spring. 
Hedyotis corymbosa- FLATTOP MILLE GRAINES - Not Native - disturbed sites - spring-summer. 
Houstonia procumbens– INNOCENCE, ROUNDLEAF BLUET - Native - sandhills, dunes, flatwoods, hammocks, and disturbed sites - spring-fall. 
Mitchella repens– PARTRIDGEBERRY, TWINBERRY - Native - hammocks - spring-fall - fruit, leaves: tea. 
Richardia brasiliensis- TROPICAL MEXICAN CLOVER - Not Native - disturbed sites - summer-fall. 
Aspidestra elatior- CAST IRON PLANT - Not Native. 
Citrus sp. 1 - TANGELO - Not Native – spring - fruit, flowers, peels. 
Poncirus trifoliata- TRIFOLIATE ORANGE - Not Native -graft rootstock. 
Acer rubrum  - RED MAPLE - Native - floodplain forests, swamps - winter-spring - sap, flowers edible, blue dye. 
Saururus cernuus- LIZARD’S TAIL - Native - freshwater marshes, swamps - summer - root poultice for inflamed breasts.  
Lygodium japonicum- JAPANESE CLIMBING FERN - Not Native. 
Smilax glauca- CAT GREENBRIER, WILD SARSAPARILLA - Native - flatwoods, sandhills, hammocks - spring - shoots, processed roots. 
Smilax auriculata- EARLEAF GREENBRIER - Native - sandhills, flatwoods, hammocks, thickets - all year - shoots, processed roots. 
Smilax bona-nox- SAW GREENBRIER - Native - wet flatwoods, floodplains, hammocks, thickets - all year - shoots, processed roots. 
Smilax laurifolia- LAUREL GREENBRIER, BAMBOO VINE - Native - swamps, wet flatwoods - spring-summer - shoots, processed roots. 
Camellia japonica - CAMELLIA - Not Native - flower tea.  
Gordonia lasianthus- LOBLOLLY BAY - Native - bayheads, swamps - summer - none known. 
Boehmeria cylindrica- FALSE NETTLE, BOG HEMP - Native marshes and swamps - summer-fall - fiber material. 
Lantana camara- LANTANA - Not Native - ripe fruit with caution. 
Verbena brasiliensis- BRAZILIAN VERVAIN - Not Native - disturbed sites - summer-fall. 
Linaria canadensis- CANADIAN TOADFLAX - Native - open disturbed sites – spring. 
Veronica arvensis- SPEEDWELL - Not Native - disturbed sites - spring - alterative, antiscorbutic, diuretic. 
Parthenocissus quinquefolia- VIRGINIA CREEPER, WOODBINE - Native - hammocks, floodplain forests - spring - fruit, cooked root, cooked cambium. [ANDY’S NOTE]: Do note consume – see my plant profile page on this species when it is posted.] 
Viola sp. 1 – VIOLET - leaves, flower, salad. 
Vitis rotundifolia- MUSCADINE - Native - wet to dry hammocks, scrub - spring - fruit, leaves. 
Xyris caroliniana- CAROLINA YELLOWEYED GRASS - Native - flatwoods, sandhills and scrub - summer-fall - infusion of roots for diarrhea,colds, and lungs.