Slideshow - Fungi of Florida
September 30, 2019
By: Andy Firk

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As of Septmeber, 2019 - PERHAPS THREE YEARS FROM NOW I will be familiar enough with wild Florida fungi to lead walks and present slideshows. Currently I gather approximately thrity edible species for our kitchen and mention dozens more during my wild edible plant walks but I still have SO MUCH TO LEARN. I have been diving much deeper into mycology this summer and have over 150 species-slides with photos completed so far in what is becoming my future slideshow. I am so grateful to fungi wizards who teach me through their walks, talks, vidoes and books. Experienced folks like my buddies Mycol Stevens, Jon Martin, and Eric Joseph Lewis along with other teachers such as Sarah Prentice, Curtis Peyer, Doug and Todd Elliott, Arleen and Alan Bessette, and others. I look forward to learning also from William Padilla-Brown, Arian Blank Farid, Brook Edmisten Wood and others who I have yet to read or study with in the wild. GO FUNGI LOVERS! We southeasterners are so fortunate to have all of you experienced teachers. FUNGI-ALGAE TRADE: I do know Florida macroalgae (aka seaweeds, 700 +/- species here in Florida) pretty well and can trade edible seaweed wildcrafting skills with anyone interested.