Peace River Park - Wauchula - 8-7-2018
September 30, 2019

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August 7, 2018 - REPORT FROM THE ROAD: I casually explored the Peace River Park in Wauchula this toasty afternoon, starting on yet another one of my plant inventory lists for future plant walks there. I was particularly impressed by the LATEFLOWERING THOROUGHWORT (aka Late Boneset), Eupatorium serotinum, that was blooming. Some of them were over 8' tall! Funny thing... not one other person was to be found on the trails... silly humans should stop watching television in air-conditioned rooms and get outside... shady trails and summer heat makes for an amazing array of fruiting mushrooms, wild fruits, and summertime wildflowers. I also mapped out some big seeding clumps of Butterfly Orchids in some huge Live Oaks off trail. Afterwards, I explored some "Ancient Islands" scrub habitat near Sebring, where I am now. Heading home now to cozy 'ole Bamboo Grove in Arcadia. KNOW YOUR NATIVE PLANTS! Join me on a woodswalk some time sukkas, as over 150,000 Floridians have so far since 1993.