Sustainable Kashi - Sebastian - 3-31-2019
September 30, 2019
By: Andy Firk

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March 31, 2019 - REPORT FROM THE ROAD - WILD EDIBLE PLANTS WALK AT KASHI IN SEBASTIAN: Some super fine people showed up for our annual wild edibles walk around the lush grounds of Kashi Ashram. After the walk, we took over the very cute, tiny outdoor kitchen at Kashi's eco village to make partly wild pesto. Mandalynn Freeman, an attendee wrote: "A day filled with a wild edible plant walk from the plant wizard genius himself, biden’s alba and wild maitake mushroom pesto, and a heart filled with inspiration! Andy Firk is pure inspiration for living an authentic and transparent life while fully pursuing his passion for plants. Thank you for continuously sharing your love of plants with everyone and coming from a place of selfless service. Being surrounded by those who are living a life pursuing their passions with integrity fuels my fire to continue pursuing mine!"
I soaked (in super hot water) 
3 cups of the dried wild maitake mushrooms that Eric Lewis gave me from the base of a very old tree. 
Added 3 tbsp. organic sunflower-coconut oil, 
pine nuts, 
raw pecans, 
raw almonds, 
a decent amount of just-picked wild spanish needles (4" leafy tips), 
2 tbsp. organic tahini, 
some spring water, 
and some sea salt, 
Blended using Terry's solar power set up in the eco village kitchen for one minute. 
I really must make eating at the end of our walks a regular thing!