Peace River State Forest - Arcadia - 8-1-2019
September 30, 2019
By: Andy Firk

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August 1, 2019 - REPORT FROM THE ROAD: For the first time, I slowly wandered the newly opened Horse Creek Trail at Peace River State Forest. Although it was sunny and hot in the open places and buggy and humid in the wet shady parts, I had a blast. I was pleased to see so many Tallowwood (Ximenia americana) shrubs loaded with hundreds of immature green fruits all over the place. Many other fruits were to be found including ripe wild grapes, blackberry bushes, lowbush and highbush blueberries (out of season), and many healthy sparkleberry bushes (a tall blueberry relative with especially seedy fruits). There were also some nice clumps of native Butterfly Orchids loaded with ripening seedpods, There were also American Snowbell bushes, many Winged Sumac just coming into flower, White Swamp Milkweed in flower, Florida Alicia showing off deep orange blooms, a massive patch of Gotu Kola that numbered in the thousands of plants, American Persimmon, Hickory, Cypress, Florida Pennyroyal, Red Bay, Musky Mint, and many other lovley plants. I encountered a Dahoon Holly with especially large leaves. I started an inventory of the wild plants at this park and have almost 100 on the list so far. I will create a flickr gallery of my photos there soon. Come hike this lovely wild place where the Peace River meets Horse Creek with me. A place where manatees pass by.
PHOTO: The dirt road that leads to the first parking area for the Horse Creek Trail.