Sam Baker visits Bamboo Grove - 8-26-2019
September 30, 2019

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HAD A GREAT VISITOR THIS MORNING: Sam Baker, of Englewood Homegrown, popped by for a three-hour visit here at Bamboo Grove this morning. Sam, you are the man! We shared plants, made a list of what we are searching for, and basically planned how to save the entire planet! I love when two edible plant nurseries / businesses combine in happy cooperation, leaving any limiting competion by the wayside. Thanks for your friendhsip bro! Come by again when you can and bring along that bamboo root chopper! If anyone needs an edible landscaper, contact Sam. Oh, and Sam, thanks so much for the dwarf "Issai" White Mulberry (Morus alba "Issai") and other plants! Please let me know if you find the binomial name for the Argentinian Ivy, thanks. I'll send you a complete list of the plants that you picked up this evening.