Date Palms of Florida - 9-7-2019
September 30, 2019

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I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT NICE DATES: Not romantic dates, but rather, date palms (Phoenix species and hybrids) that fruit well here in Florida. I am not so interested in hearing negative reports as we know that there really are good-tasting trees around the state. Not necessarily all Phoenx dactylifera, the most well known species, but rather this one and any other Phoenix that you know taste good. Let's propagate these. I gather syvestris hybrids in my town and they are fine in date-and-nut raw pie crusts, smoothies, etc. Cliff Dates, Senegal Dates, whatever, I am interested in trying them. Please let me know of any date palms in your area that taste good and where we can gather seeds to propagate. Thanks! PHOTO: Some immature Phoenix fruits developing profusely in the morning sun on Park Avenue, Pinellas Park this morning. 
Decades ago, Dr. Julia Morton of the University of Miami told me to hunt for great dates and spread them across the state. She was wise, very wise. She recommended some humidity-tolerant varieties. I think that it is time that I oredered those and planted them! Better late than never. 
QUESTION: My friend Eric Lewis askes: "How are your medjools doing at the Grove?" I answered: " they are getting larger and larger with 12" diameter trunks on 3 of the 4, however, the small fruits half develop then fall off. I am hopeful that certain years they may fruit well, especially as they age. Like me bro, getting better with age." 
JOSH JAMISON of HEART in Lake Wales commented: "This is a great inquiry. Crafton Clift told me there was someone in Haiti working on humidity tolerant dates."