Pete Kanaris & Matthew Reece visit Bamboo Grove - 9-17-2019
September 30, 2019

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PETE AND MATTHEW STOPPED BY BAMBOO GROVE: Two punk-asses, Pete Kanaris of GreenDreams and Matthew Reece of Peace River Organics, stopped by yesterday for a sweet visit. Thanks you two, for the perennial encouragement and connection. I'll let you know when I set the date this winter for the ginger-turmeric taste-testing and plant sale. I really look up to all that the both of you do for the plant-loving community. And Matt, my Tamil friend who gave me the seeds of that rare INDIAN COFFEE PLUM fruit tree that I gave you, Flacourtia jangomas - Salicaceae (Willow family), says that they call it VAIYYANKARAI in Sri Lanka. 
PHOTO: left to right - Pete Kanaris, Andy Firk (that's me), and Matthew Reece.