Mounts Botanical Garden - West Palm Beach - 9-21-2019
September 30, 2019

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REPORT FROM THE ROAD - MOUNTS BOTANICAL GARDEN PLANT SALE: Strolling around with Ralph and Michi was wonderful as usual!!! A few of the plant highlights were ARABIAN COFFEE bushes absolutely loaded with ripe fruits, a PIP THONG tree (Kasalong Kham in Thailand) in bloom with flowers that had a light jasmine-like scent, Radermachera ignea - Bignoniaceae; a flowering and fruiting CANDLE TREE, Parmentiera cereifera - Bignoniaceae, which is a small tree native to Panama with edible elongated fruits that look like Bilimbi fruits; and a flowering treat that Ralph walked me over to meet - CAMPANITA CRIOLLA in flower, Cubanola domingensis - Rubiaceae, endemic to the Dominican Republic. I purchased a medicinal PEACOCK GINGER, Kaempferia angustifolia to add to my ginger garden as well as an IBOZA and VICK'S PLANT.
PHOTO: Michi and Ralph beneath a CANDLE TREE, Parmentiera cereifera - Bignoniaceae.